Magic Comedy and Fun!

Fred’s Magic Facts

Who: Fred Siegel, Eric Van Wie, The Rosen Sisters (Deborah Rosen and Gail Rosen)

Why: We love magic and wanted to create shows for people to see some cool tricks, have some laughs, and just unwind. If you love magic, you’ll love our shows. If you hate magic, you’ll still love our shows, since this is not a typical magic show.

What: Winter Wonders is an extraordinary performance filled with mirth, magic and comical mayhem. This is not your typical magic show. Winter Wonders features magic and comedy acts including a Houdini-like straitjacket escape, psychic sisters, a baffling memory exhibition, dexterous displays of sleight of hand, comedy improv (like Who’s Line is it Anyway), and more! We take the classics of magic that have thrilled audiences for centuries and brings them into the 21st century.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer: “The wackiness of Fred’s Magic World immediately caught our attention…
  • The Philadelphia Daily News: “…a production that is like no other in Philadelphia.
  • The Philadelphia Weekly: “…mind-boggling examples of magic and inspired bits of comedy.
  • The Philadelphia City Paper: “The Rosen sisters are natural comedians…inspired lunacy!

Fred Siegel is a magician and was a featured performer in Bradshaw’s Circus of World Curiosities, a Coney Island freak show. He is also the 2002 stage magic champion and the 2004 close-up magic champion of the Philadelphia chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The Rosen Sisters (Gail Rosen and Deborah Rosen) are psychic entertainers. The sisters won the MAES (Magicians Alliance of Eastern States) 2002 mentalism award. Eric Van Wie is a Shakespearian actor, comedy chameleon, and puppeteer who portrays a variety of bizarre characters such as Ian, the aggressive Scottish escapologist; Igor, the slavishly devoted lab assistant; Nigel, a fastidious Englishman who does simple tasks under very unusual circumstances; and The Great Magician, a pompous magic genius whose tricks never work. No show would be complete without a visit from several of these characters

The idea behind FRED’S MAGIC WORLD was born about twenty years ago, when Fred Siegel was working towards his Ph.D. in Performance Studies at NYU. During the summers, Fred worked ten hour days as an “inside talker” and magician at Bradshaw’s Circus of World Curiosities, a Coney Island freak show. Fred received his Ph.D. in Performance Studies from NYU in 1993. His widely quoted dissertation is entitled The Vaudeville Magic Act:1880-1930. A copy was recently sold on E-Bay!

FRED’S MAGIC WORLD has been performing vaudeville-style variety acts featuring magic and comedy for the past fifteen years. They performed three well-received shows at the 1998-2000 Philadelphia Fringe Festivals. In 2001 they presented FRED’S MAGIC WORLD, a full length production with comedy and magic.

Winter Wonders runs about an hour and there is no intermission. All seats are general admission. The box office opens 30 minutes prior to showtime. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to showtime to get the best seats. This show is family friendly and is recommended for children 5 and up.

For more information: email us at or call 610-664-1110