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Halloween Magic Spooktacular

The last time CP tried to contact Gail and Debbie Rosen, the sisters were busy doing some contacting of their own, as in communicating with the dead. Not to mention that at the time Gail was bound to a chair, waiting to be possessed (the restraints apparently prevent her from injuring herself). This isn't your average Crossing Over- type of otherworldly communication, though -- picture that show but replace John Edwards with two ladies who could fit right in on Linda Richman's Coffee Tawk, and you're starting to get the idea. The Rosen sisters are natural comediennes, and their shtick, which ranges from the aforementioned spirit possession to displays of sisterly telepathy -- can be raucously funny. The duo will be doing some of their creepier stuff for the upcoming Halloween Magic Spooktacular, a magic/comedy show also featuring Fred's Magic World, formerly known as El Teatro Narcistico, the zany brainchild of Fred Siegel. Siegel and the Rosens will be joined onstage by Eric Van Wie, a member of ComedySportz (Debbie Rosen and Siegel are also Sportz players). Acts like these guarantee at least a few groaners, but the Rosens' inspired lunacy paired with some bona fide magic sounds like one heck of a time.

Halloween Magic Spooktacular, Oct. 16-26, $12-$15, Second Stage at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom St., 215-563-4330.

-Debra Auspitz

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